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FuelActive in Agriculture

We understand that farmers and large-scale agricultural operations are driven by efficiency in growing and harvesting their crops. We know that you cannot afford costly machine breakdowns, especially at harvest time. Installing a FuelActive fuel pickup unit in your diesel-powered farm machines can increase operating reliability. As a result, this helps you to avoid costly breakdowns often caused by blocked fuel filters or fuel injectors.

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Reduce Cost of Ownership

Burning cleaner fuel reduces the cost of diesel engine maintenance while ending on-site fuel-related breakdowns and improving the overall performance of your farming machinery.

Reduce Maintenance

Burning cleaner fuel avoids blocked fuel filters and damaged fuel pumps, which keeps costs down and your farming machinery running.

Reduce Component Replacements

Burning cleaner fuel increases the life expectancy of fuel injectors, fuel pumps and fuel filters when working in tough farming conditions.

Reduce harmful emissions

Burning cleaner fuel enables diesel engines to emit lower levels of carbon dioxide.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Burning cleaner fuel improves fuel efficiency, which means you get more and better performance from every gallon. Integral for keeping ongoing operational costs down.

End Fuel-related Breakdowns

Burning cleaner fuel preserves the engine’s fuel-injectors and prolongs the life expectancy of the diesel engines of your farming machinery.

Product Features

Easy to fit

Installation is relatively non-intrusive and can normally take place while the tank remains on the machine. All that is required is a simple replacement of the current fuel pick-up pipe. Fitting can be completed within 60 minutes in most instances.


FuelActive® is proven to work on the toughest of farming conditions.

FuelActive® units can deliver over 4000 litres of diesel per hour and also operate efficiently within the highly agitated fuel during on-field work.

Manufacturing excellence

FuelActive® is ISO 9001 accredited. Units are made up of steel and plastic components which are resistant to Hydrocarbon Fuels (Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene etc.) The product has been thoroughly tested in the field and independently tested by a TS16949 registered filter company.


Not confined to diesel. The physics that underpins FuelActive® functions remains true for other fuels such as petrol, kerosene, etc.

FuelActive units are often made bespoke. Bottom feed units are capable of delivering >4,000 litres of fuel per hour. We also fit units to unconventionally-shaped fuel tanks, such as telehandlers or tractors, adding to the versatility of FuelActive.

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